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Three Bitesize Collections

An archive compound collection of all Bitesize and Today's News articles.

All Bitesize History
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The early history of Castle Semple Estate

The Semples, McDowalls and the Harveys


A few well kent people who lived in the village

Gilbert Fisher

Roland Muirhead

Alexander Wilson

1 People.jpg

More people who are recorded in the history of the village

Mary Caldwell

John Miller

Robert Stevenson

Walter McAdam

3 People.jpg

A mix of  iconic features - plus disasters that befell the village 


Tower - Kenmuir Hill

Parish Church


Dam Breached


One of the Fairs held in olden times plus other items of interest 

Fair o'Hill

Population 1902

and a visit by singers from Paisley


Some of the castles and hill forts around the parish

Castle Semple

Barr Castle

Peil Castle 

Elliston Castle

Knockmade Hill Fort

All Today's News
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"Have I got old news for you?"


Leaf of local history


4 Village.jpg

A barrowload of snippets of village life 

Monster Boiler

Insanitary condition

New oil lamp

Ladies skating club

to mention a few

Bits & Bobs x3.jpg

8 pages of old news from British Newspapers

Warlock of the Peel

Copper Mines


Illegal Still and more


The name of the village and the tale of a three-neukit stone  

Early 1800's

The National Game

New water supply



Lochwinnoch early 1800.jpg

Three men of note from the village plus ladies success in Bowling

Andrew Crawfurd

John Barr

Frances Semple

Helen Wylie



A mix of subjects spread over 10 pages

Water Mills

Disgraceful Scene

An affray at Cross

and at Risk

Voting Rights

Water Mills.jpg
All Newsletters
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4 Newsletters

in one file 

Read about the road being flooded in 1861

Opening of the Golf Club and lots more

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4 Newsletters

in one file 

Tales of Sewage Sunday school Trip

Another Joke of the Month Dumb Proctor

9-12 Newsletters.jpg
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4 Newsletters

in one file 

Opening of the school Joke of the Month Clochodrick Stone and, yes, lots more

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4 Newsletters

in one file 

Memorabilia and roads flooded 

An interesting visit to Calder Glen Laundry in 1888

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