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A new weekly series of Articles

Bitesize Series

Subjects to include History, People, Castles, Icons, Antiquities etc.

Today's News

Newspaper articles from the past, plus snippets of interest.

An abridged article on the recently add page on the history of the Semple family.

One of 3 Fairs held in Olden Times.
Was a big day oot for the folk.

The BBC's Hut Man who pioneered
children's radio.

The Founding of Castle Semple
Published in 1865


A Bitesize account of their 
Reign at Castle Semple.


Lairdside hill on the maps but known 
locally as Cockmylane.


The tragic death of Mary Caldwell 
in 1767


A small debt action against him
in 1923


The Tale of Ringan Semple.
Plus cheap bread in Lochwinnoch 1896.

Story of the Bridge
Plus the Reward for Honesty 1834

Story of the Early Days
Plus an outbreak of Cholera 1849

Lochwinnoch's Gold Rush
Plus road flooding in 1852!

Argyll’s Rising - June, 1685
Plus decision in the Baby Farming Case

Some interesting facts - written in 1902
Plus children's hours restricted in Mills 1819

The village and Education - written in 1902
Plus news about the Angling Club

In 3 parts. Fairs / Inns / Coal Pits
Plus further news about the fishing


A Bitesize edit of an Article
written in 1865


The Poor and Parochial Funds
Plus a Joke ... 1881 style 🥴 😄


Two short pieces about the Tower
and the Parish Church written in 1897


New Railway 1897 & Illegal Still 1816
Plus in 1933 Town Council considers .... 🤔

Pastimes - Dress - Diet - Morals
'The peasantry, I believe, generally eat porridge'

Article on Curling written in 1874
Plus a protest over half an inch, and a joke

A Bitesize Article on the Harvey Family
of Castle Semple

A Grand Roundup of Old News
Including what to do with your old false teeth

Champion Draughts Player
written in 1900

Lochwinnoch Glasgow annual soiree
Including the tragic accident of Ian Struthers

Written in 1866. Coins found locally

Some QI facts about the weavers.
Including the rainfall for Oct.1904 ☔️

Written in 1866. A short article about
the Castle

Plus a brief piece on a school board meeting
Plus bowling news from 1990 👏

Poet & Ornithologist
He spent some of his youth in Lochwinnoch

Old Water Mills around the Parish
Plus snippets of local news

Spelt Eliziotstoun in 1483
The castle was built in the 14th. century

Commotion 1845 + Trade 1827
Plus a new Course Record 🏌️‍♂️

Their visit to the Calder Glen in 1875
and the songs they sang.

for the Sleepy Village of Lochwinnoch 🥱
Plus hope for a Public Park 1889

From an article in 1898
The Hill Fort lies near the Kaim

Repair to the Church & Francis Semple poet Plus a serious accident at Little Cloak

A Dam burst at Muirshiels and yet another Furniture Work disaster

Two local battles involving the Irish
Plus a reply from 10 Downing Street

A Lochwinnoch man at Waterloo
The Charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo

Snippets of News from 1865
+ Social, Moral & Intellectual improvement

An artist who got inspiration from the views around Lochwinnoch

Snippets of News from 1897
Plus Double Allowance for the Poor

A Bitesize article written by Brian Smith with a link to the full article

Voting rights & Who pays? 
Plus curling fluid for the hair 1902 🥴

Footnote: In the articles that are edited from the British Newspaper Archive we have tried to keep the spelling and grammar etc. as published in the newspaper

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