"My dad and his nephew Pat did slides shows of the village during the 80's. Most of the slides were of photographic prints that locals they knew were happy for them to copy and showcase to the wider village. I was privileged to be asked to repeat this 37 years                                                                                  

A large collection of local information can be found in the Reference section of the Lochwinnoch Library


                                                Brian Smith

later during 2017. Now my cousin Pat and I have created this website to provide a more comprehensive collection of the material we have than could be shown during a slideshow                                                                                

"I'm sure that my father would be happy to know that the photographs he took of local people are now 'out there' to view and are available for them and their relatives."

"On the site, I'd recommend the poignant account of growing up in the village in the 1920s written by Brian's dad, John Smith"

 Pat Smith