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A YouTube channel dedicated to videos of local interest.

Local Videos

First a series of cine films, converted to video, taken by John Smith. 

Names are available by selecting the captions icon on the viewer window.

Perhaps you would like guess first?

Please Contact Us if you spot any errors or omissions.

Captions Icon

It's located on the bottom righthand side of the viewer window

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 12.21.40.png

Was this the opening of the Annexe?

Confirmed, it was the opening of

the Annexe.

Digitised from VHS tape

Lochwinnoch Dance Club Christmas Party 1986


Tom & Anna Smith, Tom & Joyce Neilson, Betty Kerr, Gwen & Jack Ager, Janette Knox, Myra Drynan, Christine Smillie, John & Margaret Dolan, Bob & Margaret Boyce, Pat & Agnes Smith, Margaret Gatheral, Moira Stewart, Jane Ritchie, Grace Houston, Dick McKinlay, Ruby Beaton, Rob & Dorothy Smyth, Mary Russell, 


Alex & Margaret Devine, Alex & Chris Ferrier, Jim & Chris Nicol, Margaret McLeod, Sheila O’Hagen, Mrs Barr, Nellie O’Neill, Gordon Smillie, Tibby & Charlie, Lawrence & Mae Wylie, Jean Kennedy, Joey McKay, Cathie Garland, Betty McGhee, Ian Drynan, George & Margaret McColl, May McAvoy, Betty Farquhar, Bob & Margaret Alexander, M Paterson, Iain Stewart, Margaret Walker, Nancy Cummings, Jean Blackwood, Agnes Gillies, Jim & Nan Robertson, Matt & Mary Walker, Jim & Maureen Wilson, Malcolm & Margaret Millar, Joan Hamilton, Tracey Smith, Bert & Isobel Bryson.

Cramasie Threid

A selection of poems

written and presented by

Betty McKellar

1st Lochwinnoch Boys' Brigade

Centenary Celebrations

Battalion Parade


28th April 2019

50 Passages

A walk around the 50 passages

A friendly robin


22nd. February 2020



28th April 2020

The robin is now feeding young.

After taking two helpings of moist mealworms back to the nest, it returned for a few for itself.

Looking after its family first👍

A Compilation of Videos

The robin is feeding the second brood


The Clock mechanism 

RS 200 Open Event

A short video of the above

sailing event on Castle Semple Loch

A walk around Castle Semple with Len Howcutt. 

Two visitors from Canada who knew Shand-Harvey explore the Estate he gave up to emigrate to Canada

Silver Slip

A selection of poems
written and presented by
Betty McKellar

Then & Now
part 1

First in series of short videos showing the changes in Lochwinnoch

Then & Now
part 2

Second of 3 in the series of short videos showing the changes in Lochwinnoch

Then & Now
part 3

Final part in the series of short videos showing the changes in Lochwinnoch

from the Sky

Drone footage of Lochwinnoch

Gala Day 2022

The Parade from Auld Simon
and the crowning of the 
Gala Day Queen and King 
plus snippets on the Event


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