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Newton of Barr

These pages will display a series of photographs showing the street as it was as early as the late 1800's through to the present time (2018).

A series of early photographs of Newton of Barr. The street has not changed much from the earliest map I have dated (1856). The smithy did not appear on a map untill 1897. The water pump on the street suggests some or all

of the houses had no

running water. The lady at

the water pump is the

mother of Jim McGrann.

She was born in 1882 and

died aged 66. Jim was born

in 1908. Mrs McGrann looks

around 30 years old. This

would date the photograph

to 1910/15.

The first two photographs

are probably the earliest

shots given the absence of

the two windows on the

gable end which are present

in the third photograph of this series.

Next is a series of recent photographs of Newton of Barr. The first was taken on May 2011. The second was shot on July 1989. I'm fairly sure these are not the same painters in the second shot above given

the possible 100 years time gap. I have heard watching paint dry can be a very slow process so maybe with the time between coats...... (No offence to the two guys on the ladders). The third shot was taken in Oct 1984, Struthers garage on the left was completely destroyed in an explosion in 1969. The shot of the chimney stack is looking pretty much in the same direction as the top right photograph in the

overview selection above. The smithy was demolished around June 1986. One building was retained and converted to a bungalow and a newbungalow was built on the remaining land. The two shots of this were taken in March 88 and March 2015.

The map at the top is dated 1911 and in the image below I have overlayed the junction with a satellite image.