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Smith Brothers

This is the boys all grown up in 2003 posing in the driveway of 7 John Gregor Place, Pat, John, Colin, Tom & Robert. Sadly their sister Annie had died 25th Nov 1976.


A collection of old family photos. Many are without names.

Perhaps they are related to you?

Unknown Family


This is a collection of photographs of folk from the village, the majority taken by John Smith over the years. They are unscripted being taken whenever or wherever he bumped into them.


A large collection of old photographs. Featuring a number of characters from the past. Including Johnnie Barber, Freddie Jaques and Robert Ewing at 100 years of age.


With over 50 group photos there is a lot of people is this gallery!

I don't know what the event is that folk have gathered for but I have some of the names.

Can you name anyone?

Do you have a photo to add to the gallery?

If so, we'd be pleased to hear from you.


Some of those who served in the Armed Forces during WW1 & WW2

Captain Laidlaw proprietor of the Brown Bull pub on Main Street Lochwinnoch

During the second world war the Headquarters of the 1st Regiment Maritime Royal Artillery was stationed in Lochwinnoch from 1941 to 1946.

Lochwinnoch Pipe Band

Their names are listed in the gallery

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