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19th August - The following articles have been added:-

The Dark Side of the Semples - A review of the intrigue which enveloped this family and was the way of life for Scottish nobility

The McDowalls - The first owners of the estate after the Semples

The Harveys - The last lairds of Castle Semple

Slavery and Castle Semple - The unspoken history of the McDowalls and Harveys and infact also for a great many other wealthy Scottish families.

Shand - The remarkable story of the son of the last laird of Castle Semple from Eton educated, friend of a grandson of Queen Victoria to backwoodsman in Canada

[The demolition of Struthers Lemonade Factory]
[A friendly local robin]
The robin now has a family to feed.
A Compilation of videos of the robin. Now rearing the second brood.

Specific items that will be added as the work is completed are the following:-

1. A section on some of the substantial houses in and around the village.