Recently Added Items

An index of new items will be added here on a 12 month rolling basis

[A friendly local robin]
The robin now has a family to feed.
A Compilation of videos of the robin. Now rearing the second brood.
School Team 4.jpeg
A sailing event on Castle Semple Loch
Castle Semple Walk.jpg
A short video of two Canadian visitors shown around Castle Semple.
Including the Collegiate Church, Walled Gardens and inside the two Ice Houses
A short video of the Wood Duck at the Loch

In the past few days ....Several new photographs added on various pages

a bird in the hand.jpg
Mr McCarthur.jpg
In the gallery - VIEWS around the VILLAGE
4 photographs of the village from Joe's Tower taken by Bob Fleming circa 1961
Bob Fleming 04.jpg

Specific items that will be added as the work is completed are the following:-

1. A section on some of the substantial houses in and around the village.

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