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A selection of my YouTube videos relating to Lochwinnoch  {psvideo100}


An interview with Tom Sprought [circa 1999] He was the assistant manager at the mine. The Mine closed in 1969.

The interview was in 'The Calder' video.

An edit of interviews taken from 'The Calder' video made circa 1999.

The video traced the river Calder in Lochwinnoch from its source to the Castle Semple Loch.

2012 Olympic Torch Lochwinnoch Day 21 

Lochwinnoch Summer Festival Street Party

 9th June 2012

An illustration of Poems around Lochwinnoch, Written & Presented by Betty McKellar.

Extracts from the DVD, Cramasie Threid. The poem won the Paisley Museum & Art Galleries 'Year of Reading' competition.

Betty has published many of her poems in 'Poetry trails around Lochwinnoch' and 'Widdershins'

The Beast from the East hits Lochwinnoch on Wednesday 28th February 2018. A walk around some of the village checking up on the "Beast" 

Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta 2018

Thanks to Castle Semple Rowing Club for their help in the making of this video.

Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta 2019

Despite the weather, a fantastic day!

Lochwinnoch Gala Day 2019

A short video of the Wood Duck at the Loch

Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta 2021

Castle Semple Rowing Club Regatta 2022

Other videos can be found by searching for psvideo100 on YouTube.

Thanks for your interest

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