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Material is not just photographs but stories and things remembered about people, these are the things that will bring the site to life. Lets try to remember the past through real events and not just dull facts (but we also like facts!). Much like Dr Andro Crawfurd tried to do in his Cairn* of Lochwinyoch Matters which he "collectik, betwix 1827 and 1837".


*The word 'Cairn' used in this context means a collection.

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"I'm sure that my father would be happy to know that the photographs he took of local people are now 'out there' to view and are available for them and their relatives."

"On the site, I'd recommend the poignant account of growing up in the village in the 1920s written by Brian's dad, John Smith"

"My dad and his nephew Pat did slides shows of the village during the 80's. Most of the slides were of photographic prints that locals they knew were happy for them to copy and showcase to the wider village. I was privileged to be asked to repeat this 37 years later during 2017. Now my cousin Pat and I have created this website to provide a more comprehensive collection of the material we have than could be shown during a slideshow.                     

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. We are not professional photographers rather more enthusiastic amateurs. There are many articles and other material to read with information which may surprise you or maybe just clarify something for you. It has been a fascinating exercise putting this site together and it will never be finished. Lochwinnoch has a rich history being linked with one of the premier estates in Scotland (in its day), with its proud industrial past, links to British aristocracy including the Duke of Norfolk and Queen Victoria and the creation of the Scottish National Party.


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