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The power behind Lochwinnoch's industrial growth like so many towns during the industrial revolution was its river, in this case the Calder. 

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In 1788 McDowall built a large cotton mill, Calderpark Mill, on what was the western edge of the new village to attract new tenants.

We take a look at the Mills that dotted the landscape around Lochwinnoch.

Furniture Manufacture

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Shipbuilding was at the heart of these businesses supplying furniture for the Lusitania, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. The Klondyke supplied chairs for the ill-fated Titanic.

Clyde Cooperage Lochwinnoch Viewfield site

After a few years the cooperage moved to the old Viewfield Cabinet Works. The Klondyke became the machine shop, with Jimmy Quinn as manager.

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Before the advent of out of town shopping most villages were pretty much self sufficient with tailors, cobblers etc. 

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The soundtrack is an extract from an episode of the radio programme "Down Your Way" which was broadcast in 1972.

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