Lochwinnoch is lucky to have a rich photographic record of its history dating from the early days of photography in the late 1800's. This website is a "Cairn" of a number of these photographs of the village and the people who lived there. An important aim of the site is to put names to faces and thereby preserve a more personal record of the people of the village. This project may already be late because many of those who can put names to faces are no longer with us.  

If you do recognise someone or if you would like to contribute material to the website please fill in the reply box on the "Contact Us" page.


Material is not just photographs but stories and things remembered about people, these are the things that will bring the site to life. Lets try to remember the past through real events and not just dull facts (but we also like facts!). Much like Dr Andro Crawfurd tried to do in his Cairn of Lochwinyoch Matters which he "collectik, betwix 1827 and 1837".

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. We are not professional photographers rather more enthusiastic amateurs. There are many articles and other material to read with information which may surprise you or maybe just clarify something for you. It has been a fascinating exercise putting this site together and it will never be finished. Lochwinnoch has a rich history being linked with one of the premier estates in Scotland (in its day), with its proud industrial past, links to British aristocracy including the Duke of Norfolk and Queen Victoria and the creation of the Scottish Nationalist Party.


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Pat & Brian

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