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Lochwinnoch has a rich history being linked with one of the premier estates in Scotland (in its day), with its proud industrial past, links to British aristocracy including the Duke of Norfolk and Queen Victoria and the creation of the Scottish National Party.

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Dr James Waterson is pictured here receiving his MBE in the 1978 B’day Honours List

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Granny Mutch

She sold odds and ends such as thread round the village.

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Circa 1925

"The Co-op building looks pretty much as I remember it when I was growing up in the village"

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Lochwinnoch was industrialised during the time of the third William McDowall of Castle Semple (1776-1810). This is when the village “moved away” from the Auld Town (Kirktoun) to the New Town centred on the cross.


The power behind Lochwinnoch's industrial growth like so many towns during the industrial revolution was its river, in this case the Calder.

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By 1911 the old industries were declining and Lochwinnoch was becoming a centre for furniture manufacture.

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Clyde Cooperage Lochwinnoch

Using the hammer and driver to tighten the hoops.

Clyde Cooperage 1960

PLUS - Changing Times.

A digitised super 8 video

Lemonade Factory & Silk Works

In this category we have 6 major articles on the families who owned
Castle Semple Estate.

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The Semples by Dr Brian Smith

The Dark Side of the Semples by Dr Brian Smith

The McDowalls by Dr Brian Smith

The Harveys Based on an article by Elizabeth West Additional material by Dr Brian Smith

Slavery and Castle Semple by Dr Brian Smith

Shand -  The Last Harvey of Castle Semple by Dr Brian Smith

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"When I was a little older, we moved to 42 High Street. I can still remember the house. It had two bed rooms, a living room and an outside toilet. This house was home to nine people." 

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In this part of the site we have Old Age Pensioners Trips to various locations.

OAP Christmas Socials, Meetings, Travel Card Photos & VE Day Anniversary Tea Party

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Trip to Dunfermline - circa 1956

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OAP Xmas Party 1957.jpg

Old Age Pensioners Christmas Party 1957

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North Berwick 1953

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